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A Growing Directory ABOUT Dance

A Growing Directory ABOUT Dance

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Dance is not just an art form, but also a way of life for many. Whether you are a Professional Dancer, a Dance Studio Owner, or someone who simply enjoys watching and learning different Dance Styles, our Dance Directory works towards being an invaluable resource.

We're working hard towards effectively compiling a centralised dance resource, continually seeking to meaningfully and beneficially incorporate and promote the offerings of UK-basedDance-Related, Industry-Wide, Personnel Workforce, Businesses, Schools, Suppliers, Associations and Organisations which are building and servicing the Dance Community.

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Dancer Profile

Dancer Profile is ABOUT Dance and will be for use by professional dancers and those who work and operate within the dance industry


Originally ABOUT Dance was born from an immediate need to help fund three years of vocational dance training. Upon successfully achieving that initial and most important requirement the ABOUT Dance business continues working towards providing online

Dance Again Foundation

The Dance Again Foundation is a charity to help dancers return to the stage after injury. The Dance Again Foundation charity has been set up following the inspirational story of Jack Widdowson who suffered a serious neck injury in 2011

Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants is based in Leeds and supplies top-quality dancewear, dance shoes and gymnastic wear throughout Yorkshire and beyond. We have become leading suppliers of dancewear since the present owner took over in 2002.

Our Role as a Dance Directory

Our Dance Directory is easily accessible online and is essentially a digital hub that contains a database of dance-related resources such as Dance Studios, Instructors, Dance Companies, Choreographers, and even upcoming Dance Events. An extensive reference tool for Dancers of all levels, enabling them to find the information needed.

Moreover, our Dance Directory can serve as a platform for Dance Professionals and enthusiasts to showcase their work and connect with potential collaborators. Dancers seeking employment, Choreographers looking for dancers to join their projects, or event organizers scouting talented performers can all benefit from the directory's comprehensive listings. It provides a space for networking, fostering collaborations, and staying updated with the latest trends and opportunities in the Dance Industry.


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The Benefits of a Dance Directory

A Dance Directory benefits individual dance professionals and businesses alike, as well as the entire dance industry. It can promote inclusivity and diversity by connecting dancers from various backgrounds and styles. Facilitating cultural exchange and encouraging dancers to explore different genres, ultimately enriching their artistry.

Furthermore, it acts as a directory that not only increases visibility but also provides an opportunity to discover talented individuals who may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This, in turn, can lead to new collaborations, employment opportunities, or even mentorship for aspiring dancers.

Being listed in reputable dance directories can greatly enhance their credibility and reach. Potential students or clients can easily find information about their offerings, class schedules, pricing, and location. This simplifies the decision-making process for individuals seeking to enrol in dance classes or hire dance professionals for events.

In conclusion, a dance directory is a vital tool for dancers and dance enthusiasts to discover opportunities, learn from others, and make connections within the dance community. It fosters growth, helps individuals and organisations thrive, and contributes to the vibrancy and development of the dance industry as a whole. Whether you are a dancer, instructor, or studio owner, exploring and utilising a dance directory can open up a world of possibilities and truly enrich your dance journey.

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The Timmins Dance Scholarship to be renamed The Lynne Fox Scholarship
October 25, 2021
The Timmins Dance Scholarship to be renamed The Lynne Fox Scholarship

Timmins Academy of Dance, Halesowen is very proud to announce that the dance scholarship presented termly to one of their studentsĀ is to be renamed after the academy's founder, the late Miss Lynne Fox, to remember and honour her legacy left to dance.

Major dance production comes to Birmingham Hippodrome next April
November 13, 2023
Major dance production comes to Birmingham Hippodrome next April

In Mehek, Kathak contemporary dancers, Aakash Odedra and Aditi Mangaldas tell unspoken and sometimes taboo love stories. The production is an exploration of the human heart, its desires, courage and resilience.

Birmingham Hippodrome announce new Chair of the Board
October 26, 2023
Birmingham Hippodrome announce new Chair of the Board

Catherine joined the Hippodrome Board of Trustees in March and will officially move into her new role in December, following her formal appointment at the November Annual General Meeting and the departure of current Chair Glenn Howells.