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Search the various dance listings which have been added to Dance Directory by schools, suppliers, businesses and organisations throughout the United Kingdom are detailed below. Our site is ABOUT Dance so if you know of any Dance Schools, Suppliers, Businesses and Organisations who are currently not included you may wish to pass our details on for their consideration.

Listings in Foundation Course

A Dance Foundation Course traditionally aims to successfully prepare students for future professional dance training, helping them to audition for the major colleges, universities and vocational schools who offer mainstream dance and performing arts courses. With a focus on core dance training and technique, the aim of which is to establish a secure foundation upon which a professional dance future can be built. Normally as part of the criteria mock dance audition classes and support with application process will also help students prepare constructively for the next stage of their dance training.

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Millennium Performing Arts
29 Thomas Street, Woolwich, London SE18 6HU, United Kingdom