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ABOUT Dance is a business set up to cater for expansion in dealing with multiple areas which are purely dance related.

This Dance Directory website forms just a part of what the ABOUT Dance busness plans to cover.




Move it 2015 was all things about dance

Move it 2015 is where we headed to for a day out on Saturday 14th February 2015. 
As always for a day out the intention everyone has is to cram as much in as you can during the day, therefore the plan is to always set off early. 
As per the norm things happen and you set out slightly later than you anticipated as did we. 
Our travel down from the West Midlands to London’s Olympia exhibition hall where Move it dance 2015 was being held took longer than it should have. What should have been a 2 hour car journey became a 4 ½ car journey due to the need to divert after two tragic accidents both on the M40 and M1 and after witnessing the scene on the M1 where 3 ...

Our Pre-Launch offer for Dance Directory worked

Having never done a Pre-Launch before let alone run a business I must say that I was both surprised and excited this week when I started receiving papal notifications after sending out my first e-mailer, that people were paying to be a dance directory member. 
My first semi full operational week in business has made me realise that there’s so much more to this running a business lark and I never realised before how questionable, indecisive as well as understanding some people can be. 
I am not saying that in a bad way at all, it’s just how things are I guess. 
Although I know that everyone is different in having their own goals, targets, views and opinions I nev ...

Kicking Dance Directory off with a Pre-launch offer

So as to kick things off with this dance directory website it was decided to promote a pre-launch offer so as to deal with real information, provided by real people, and by those people who actively wished to be included with the dance directory. 
Many weeks had been spent beforehand in marketing the dance directory name via social media (predominantly twitter @dance_directory) in order to slowly create an awareness of not only the dance directory itself but also ‘ABOUT Dance’ which is the business recently been started and which was developing the dance directory website as its first service to the dance industry. 
A decision was taken early on not to offer a dance d ...

This dance directory came about in order to serve more than one purpose

Having daughters both of whom have been involved in dance for the past 19 years, the time arrived in the autumn of 2014 when the youngest moved onwards at the age of 16 to vocational dance training in Hertfordshire.
As you can imagine that now being the case I was not only somewhat scared of what the future holds because for the past 19 years everything within my household revolved ABOUT Dance.
So what on earth was I going to do with my time, as there would be no more clock watching, picking and dropping off to dance lessons, days out at dance festivals and dance shows, etc.
I thought that perhaps that when my daughters left secondary school my dance duty as a mom may become reduced. ...