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Birmingham Royal Ballet, Sadler’s Wells, review: A splendid star performance from Brandon Lawrence

Ruth Brill’s new Arcadia has a lush atmosphere and a splendid star performance from Brandon Lawrence. Playing the god Pan, Lawrence is by turns animalistic, lyrical and lively, with a gorgeous flow of movement throughout.

The Judas Tree review – genius marred by misogyny

Kenneth MacMillan choreographed The Judas Tree for the Royal Ballet in 1992, and it has baffled and dismayed audiences ever since. As MacMillan told Jann Parry, at the time the Observer’s dance critic: “There are things in me that are untapped

Lyon Opera Ballet: Trois Grandes Fugues review – breathtaking battles with Beethoven

A confusion of Babel, the indecipherable uncorrected horror.” When critics first heard Beethoven’s 1825 Grosse Fuge, many were bewildered by the barbed-wire intensity of its contrapuntal writing, its uncategorisable form.

Northern Ballet REVIEW: A national celebration

Northern Ballet launched a Triple Bill to mark the 25th anniversary of the death of this giant of British dance. It is the only programme of his work any company in the country will tour for most of the 2017-2018 season.

A deft balance between old and new - Fourteen Days, BalletBoyz, Sadler's Wells, review

Well, it’s certainly an intriguing idea. For their new show, the BalletBoyz – the young, 11-strong, all-male troupe under the aegis of original BalletBoyz Michael Nunn and William Trevitt – commissioned four choreographers and composers

A handsome but exasperating genetic experiment - Autobiography, Company Wayne McGregor

Always the most forward-looking and scientifically minded of choreographers, Wayne McGregor has now turned for inspiration not only to his own history but also to his genetic make-up. According to the typically (let’s kindly say) “involved” programme

The Royal Ballet's new season gets off to a phantasmagorical start

The Royal Ballet could hardly have chosen a more eye-popping or enjoyable production with which to launch its autumn season.

'You leave part of yourself on stage': Royal Ballet dancers on Kenneth MacMillan

Kenneth MacMillan holds a peculiarly revered position within the culture of the Royal Ballet. Many junior dancers say that it’s the principal roles within his story ballets – Romeo and Juliet, Mayerling and Manon – to which they most aspire.

Wayne McGregor’s +/- Human, Roundhouse, dance review: 'Eye-catching'

High in the air, bright white spheres float over the heads of dancers, hovering and circling in the lofty ceiling space of the Roundhouse. Named Zoological, the orbs are an entrancing art installation by Random International.

Romeo and Juliet ballet review: Rudolf Nureyev's choreography stands test of time at Royal Festival

It's 40 years since Rudolf Nureyev made this Romeo & Juliet for English National Ballet (then known as London Festival Ballet), a piece full of fast-paced choreography, fateful doom and Venetian bawdiness, and it stands the test of time.