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Dance legend Twyla Tharp on truculent men, selling hot dogs and her idol Agatha Christie

The last time Twyla Tharp was working at the Royal Ballet it was 1995 and she was creating her comic Rossini ballet, Mr Worldly Wise. Now, as she returns, it’s hard to recognise that two decades have passed. The 76-year-old choreographer

'You leave part of yourself on stage': Royal Ballet dancers on Kenneth MacMillan

Kenneth MacMillan holds a peculiarly revered position within the culture of the Royal Ballet. Many junior dancers say that it’s the principal roles within his story ballets – Romeo and Juliet, Mayerling and Manon – to which they most aspire.

Sergei Polunin says ballet must shake off ‘elitist image’ or die

Ballet must get rid of its elitist image, seek larger audiences and woo the best directors from films and musicals, according to Sergei Polunin, one of classical dance’s biggest and most outspoken stars.

Holly Blakey: the dance punk who turned Coldplay into disco chimps

Having learned ballet in a car park and given all the right moves to Florence + the Machine. Now, the queen of music videos is putting on her first show. The choreographer talks about dance snobs, anorexia and reclaiming bump ’n’ grind

Ballet dancers face toughest challenge yet in new film for Glasgow audiences

Couple Madeline Squire and Nick Shoesmith have performed together before with Scottish Ballet – as a pair who fall in love in Cinderella. But now they’re acting out a struggling relationship for new ballet film The Perfect Place.

My workout: ‘Ballet has given me strength’

Lauren Hibbert, 32, on why she loves to dance - I have always loved to dance. It’s a brilliant way to keep fit: it’s so much fun and doesn’t even feel like exercise. I’ve had lessons since I was little, everything from jazz and contemporary to street

Here are Balletboyz’ Michael Nunn and William Trevitt to tell us more

The internationally acclaimed Balletboyz bring their new production Life., featuring two new commissions by renowned choreographers Pontus Lidberg and Javier de Frutos, to Bristol Old Vic this weekend.

Australian Ballet teams up with choreographer David Bintley for Faster

David Bintley is the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s veteran artistic director, a sparkling former character dancer nurtured early by some of English ballet’s greatest names — think Fred Ashton, Peter Wright and Ninette de Valois — and choreographer

‘The traditional duet always has the woman reliant on the man. I’m sick of it’

In September 2016, Julie Cunningham became the first recipient of the Leverhulme choreography fellowship, which helps professional dancers to become full-time working choreographers. Cunningham trained at the Rambert school, then spent 10 years

Matthew Bourne's protege James Cousins on his dance with Shakespeare

So far, I’ve had a massively fortunate career,” says James Cousins, managing to look both grateful and self-deprecating. The choreographer, now 28, was only one year out of London Contemporary Dance School when he won the first New Adventures