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20 Results in category Health and Wellbeing

Dance classes and art lessons 'should be on prescription'

Dance classes and art lessons should be available on prescription and health boards should help fund them, according to the Arts Council of Wales. A study of the health benefits to people who are unwell has recommended health board formalise..

Why Angela Rippon thinks more over-55s should take up ballet

The Royal Academy of Dance has launched new Silver Swans classes to boost the health and well-being of more mature dancers. Ballet has inspired numerous new fitness classes in recent years – and it’s not just on-trend 20-somethings

Express yourself: how a charity is using dance to improve mental health

Ten young people from Manchester mental health charity 42nd Street are struggling to spin their legs round their bodies while keeping their hands anchored to the studio floor as they’ve been shown.

Ballet classes for pensioners launch in Hertfordshire

Ballet classes for pensioners are proving "on pointe", with new sessions launched across Mercury land. Carrie Johnson launched Silver Years Ballet for the older generation this year and has just added a host of new classes to the ever-growing list.

Ballet dancers join breast cancer survivor Katherine for world's first 'Ballethon'

Would-be ballerinas are being urged to take part in the world's first Ballethon, taking place in Stroud next month. Ballet teacher Katherine MacInnes had a mastectomy in December, but that hasn't stopped her from dancing, or teaching.

Ballerina receives pointe foot prosthesis allowing her to dance again for first time in 13 years

An amateur ballerina in Brazil, whose lower left leg was amputated after a road accident, has spoken of her joy after becoming among the first people to receive a pointe foot prosthesis allowing her to dance classical ballet again.

New dance project aiming to help people with Parkinson's rolled out in Dorset

A new dance project aimed at helping people with Parkinson's is being rolled out in Dorset. Pavilion Dance South West has received funding to finance the first year of a three-year project designed to make Parkinson’s Dance classes

You're never past your prima: Ballet classes are booming - for older women

As the ballet music from Coppélia floats across the ballroom at The Bull Hotel in Bridport, Dorset, dancers in black leotards, leggings and satin ballet slippers start twirling elegantly.

No one is too old for ballet

It is excellent news that the Royal Academy of Dance is expanding its programme of teaching old people ballet.

Royal Ballet help to save sight of expat pensioner

The Royal Ballet has come to the aid of expat frozen pensioner, providing him with over £2,000 to cover the cost of his cataract operations.