Aeroballet - A challenging body experience for women

27/11/2017 by

Aeroballet is the latest ballenetic-cardio-strength-stretch workout and emotional release which caters to students including models, mums and business women. 

In the endless selection of boutique fitness studios to try in London, Aeroballet is the best place to release, sweat and dance. Since 2013 Aeroballet has been the signature workout routine of Boldbodies. It has built an almost cult-like following thanks to founder Diana Le Quesne. It is a unique blend of dance, cardio, strength and stretch moves combined with attention to the emotional woman’s needs and curated funky music!

Aeroballet is a total body workout based on a fusion of Ballet Barre, cardio jazz and Dance conditioning that brings your mind into a total ‘re-set: ' The class allows you to ‘unpack your bodies, raise awareness of bad postures and emotional issues all the while joking about it and simultaneously releasing pressure. After being emotional and unveiling our true selves... we become strong, confident, and back on track" says Diana Le Quesne founder.

The workout is tough, and Diana isn’t one to let you go without 'feeling it'. Each track works a different part of your body and different patterns of movement: from breathing to jumps, to T balance and a jazz arms workout, Aeroballet really pushes you to your limit!

Emotional release is a key component of Aeroballet. During the exercises, Diana keeps challenging your balance, posture and mood until you release a satisfied smile because your body is finally sinking with your mind. It is a body experience and a reconnection with your mind. 

Aeroballet is available every day in North London in a class of 4 people and on Thursday Night at 7 pm in NLPAC (excluded half term periods).